Archive: January, 2016

  • If you know, then you know

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    I recently read an interesting article dispelling myths about millennials. Pulled into an engaging infographic – there were two facts that stood out. Firstly that; ‘43% of Millennials create online content.’ Infographic The reason it stood out is that our online content is created by a millennial and of all the...

  • Are plumbers engaging with social media?

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    We’ve been working closely with brands in the plumbing sector for many years and have increasingly seen an interest in the social media habits of plumbers. How is this group using social media? Are they promoting their businesses through this channel, or just interacting socially? Which platforms are preferred and...

  • Breakfast focus groups

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  • RbD's 2016 New Year Resolutions

    Jan 1st calendar

    The team are looking forward to a very fruitful New Year here at RbD HQ. Here are some of our New Year resolutions… both professional & personal! Hope they inspire! Heather Work - Continue to grow our network in London. Personal - Dance more. Dave Work - Contribute more to the company website with case studies...

  • All that glitters is not gold


    Another year, another debate about what makes effective Christmas advertising. With Christmas now just a fond memory and the new thing on the horizon being a New Year health kick, we are naturally reflecting on all of the things that 2015 brought to us. From the world of market research, we...