Archive: March, 2016

  • Market research in pop culture. Trust us it's everywhere!

    Market research in pop culture

    For those avid readers of our blogs… We know you’re out there… You might have seen our recent blog on the use of a focus group during the dramatized series of The People vs. OJ Simpson on BBC2. And it got us thinking… How many times has market research infiltrated pop...

  • The People vs. Oj Simpson: spotlight on qualitative research

    OJ Simpson

    If, like most of the RbD office, you’ve recently re-discovered BBC2 and are now hooked on The People vs. OJ Simpson read on… We’re loving our Tuesday morning round-up of the events from the previous episode so imagine our delight when qualitative research, in the form of a focus group, got...

  • Leicester City football club: a case study in market research

    Leicester City football club

    The statistics at the beginning of the 2015/16 Premier League season suggested that there was more chance of Kanye West becoming humble than Leicester City winning the league. The bookies placed odds of a 5000-1 chance on Foxes winning, but 11 games from the end of the season, this is...