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Are plumbers engaging with social media?

We’ve been working closely with brands in the plumbing sector for many years and have increasingly seen an interest in the social media habits of plumbers. How is this group using social media? Are they promoting their businesses through this channel, or just interacting socially? Which platforms are preferred and how frequently are they using them? What are the opportunities for our clients? 

In a study we undertook with Bristan, we discovered that only 44% of plumbers are using Facebook or Twitter to promote their businesses compared to the national average of nearly 60%, meaning a valuable channel to connect with their customers is potentially being missed.

Bill Wilson, e-commerce manager at Bristan reflected on this in a recent blog post on Bristan’s own website:

“As an industry that relies on word of mouth recommendations, it is a surprise that more installers have not fully embraced social media as a medium for communication. Actually, the Bristan market research found that most installers feel that social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are merely tools for communicating with friends and family about and not a method for marketing their business.

“Facebook and Twitter are both great mediums for installers to showcase their work and have it endorsed by their customers. This endorsement enables the plumbers work to be shared with a new network of potential customers with minimal effort and cost. If plumbers continue to invest time in the social media channels, delivering relevant and attention-grabbing content they will grow their following, increasing their business’s marketing database and therefore the number of potential job opportunities.”

By Richard Mace, Associate Director

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