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Holidays are coming...

Sitting in our office 4 floors above New Street has got us feeling all festive. By some miracle - only explicable by someone magical like Father Christmas - New Street has been transformed in record time into a fabulous Frankfurt Christmas market. We can almost smell the Gluhwein from the window!! 

So here are my thoughts on my pick of this years Christmas adverts... Enjoy! 

1. Cadbury’s Advent Calendar - #cadvent

This advert hits all the right notes. The Thunderbirds theme music builds on the growing sense of excitement and anticipation as we head into Christmas. The cameo of Father Christmas and the shock on the warehouse workers face induces a festive frenzy of goose bumps. And the military precision of the Cadbury trucks dancing into advent calendar formation is a choreographed masterpiece.

You can almost taste the chocolate in the treat filled trucks!    

Each of the 24 trucks will open in various locations across the UK starting December 1st. Physically #sharingthejoy with your customers across the UK- Cadbury’s you’ve hit the sweet spot.


2. Argos ‘Just Can’t Wait’

According to the marketing director of Argos – the adrenaline filled advert provides a ‘breath or gulp- of fresh air’ amongst all of the emotionally charged, sentimental adverts.’ (Campaign http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/argos-uses-winter-sports-adrenaline-rush-people-mood-christmas/1371625) (see John Lewis #OnTheMoon) And it certainly does.

Aiming to show the service Argos can provide in fast and convenient shopping, the advert is fast paced and fun and will certainly stand out in the fierce Christmas advert competition.

3. John Lewis #OnTheMoon

Whilst Argos does add a refreshing blast of explosive fun… Christmas is about sharing love which John Lewis – once again – highlights perfectly. It has all of the perfectly crafted elements we expect from a John Lewis Christmas advert. An adorable cast, a heart-warming plot and a beautifully covered song from a young, relatively unknown artist.

Directed by Kim Gehrig – the woman who brought us ‘This Girl Can’, the best parts of this year’s advert is that it isn’t heaving with product placement. And that it is working in partnership with Age UK to highlight the loneliness of elderly people, reminding us to spare some time to reach out to those who are on their own, using the brand to connect communities.


4. Lidl ‘School of Christmas’

A very funny, light-hearted piece by Lidl, the advert takes us through the various classrooms in the ‘school of Christmas’ where students are taught valuable festive skills including how to light a Christmas pudding (chemistry goggles donned).

Short (at 1 minute compared to John Lewis’ 2) and very sweet. The ad once again perfectly captures the British sense of humour and highlights some novel solutions to the boring aspects of Christmas day… such as cooking your sprouts in the kettle.

A very shareable, highly enjoyable advert from Lidl and a lovely tagline to finish; ‘Every Lidl thing for Christmas.’

5. The Body Shop Jingle Bells

Colour, diversity, warmth, cold, humour, pain (wait for the held note at the end) the Body Shop’s 2015 Christmas offering has it all. Showcasing the accessibility of their products for everyone with the ‘make everybody feel good’ strapline, the advert is hugely successful in creating an inclusive feel good ad.

The Body Shop has also partnered with Water Aid to provide clean water for families in Ethiopia with every purchase made.

By Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive 

This entry was posted in Market research and posted on November 11, 2015

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