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I recently read an interesting article dispelling myths about millennials. Pulled into an engaging infographic – there were two facts that stood out. Firstly that; ‘43% of Millennials create online content.’ Infographic

Web content

The reason it stood out is that our online content is created by a millennial and of all the content we create, over 90% is online.  Having reviewed the demographics of our online audiences, we know that around 50% fall into the millennial category, so it makes sense that someone from this generation produces most of our online content.

Another statistic that stood out was that millennials ‘don’t use desktops’ when in fact research suggests that ‘65% access the internet on desktops more than any other device.’** Our web analytics show us that almost 70% of our traffic is from desktop activity – this would make sense as the purpose of our website is for information gathering and education - targeted at a B2B audience.


Whatever you have heard about the different segments of your target audience, the infographic highlights the importance of doing your own research. Free web analytics tools can help you gain insights about the people connecting with the content you publish. Utilising this data will help to ensure you’re engaging your audience with the right content via the right channels.  

The statistics in the infographic are of course for a broader audience, but a worthwhile reminder of the importance of using tools to track your audiences so you can create content which will be relevant and interesting to them. 

By Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

Millennials were defined as being born between 1980 and 2000.

** Infographic

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