Leicester City football club

Leicester City football club: a case study in market research

The statistics at the beginning of the 2015/16 Premier League season suggested that there was more chance of Kanye West becoming humble than Leicester City winning the league. The bookies placed odds of a 5000-1 chance on Foxes winning, but 11 games from the end of the season, this is becoming a very real possibility.

The bookies work out their odds based on a club’s previous results and its individual players. After Leicester ended their 2014/15 season in scandal, sacking their manager, you could understand the bookies dire predictions.

Joining Leicester as their new manager at the start of their 2015/16 season, Claudio Ranieri chose not to focus solely on the quantitative facts about his team: their collective cost of £22 million (less than half a Wayne Rooney) and their 14th place end to the 2014/15 season, 46 points behind the winners Chelsea (at this point in the season they’re 18 points ahead of that same team!)

Instead, Ranieri listened to his players concerns about their new manager’s style and adapted his style to suit. Producing a very clear example of the value of talking and listening to your target audience, and of course a great lesson in business! Guiding a conversation and listening is qualitative research at its most basic.

Had Ranieri based his strategy purely on facts about his team, he might have been misled about their abilities. For example if Ranieri felt ability was based on the cost of a player, he might never have uncovered the depth of Riyad Mahrez’s work ethic, who for a meagre £400K, has delivered 14 goals and 11 assists for his club.

And so is the case with market research. There are instances where a purely quantitative research project is appropriate for the insight you need, but there are also times when a much greater level of information can be uncovered, using qualitative research to delve deeper into responses.

At RbD we work with your business to provide focussed and actionable management information. We will consult with you to decide upon the most suitable course of methodology to establish the insight you are seeking to gain.

Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, supporting statistics with listening, who knows, just like Leicester you too could be enjoying unprecedented results! 

By Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

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