Val day

Love is (almost) in the air

Whether you embrace Valentine’s Day – or feel it’s an attempt to mass commercialise what is just another day… read on! There’s something for you all – beating or stone hearted!


The NHS have released a novel Valentine’s advert titled ‘Better left unsaid’ to encourage people to discuss their decision to become an organ donor with their loved ones. Hilarious and cringe-inducing, a light-hearted ad that packs a serious punch in its message.


Tesco employed the help of a psychotherapist to pair shoppers together – based solely on the contents of their shopping baskets. Product placement galore and some very dodgy dates ensue … But the ad is a creative spin on what is traditionally a time for the supermarkets promoting red flowers and heart shaped chocolates.

Flower council of Holland

This is a throwback to Valentine’s Day 2014 - but a campaign so sweet, it’s worth sharing again. A little (very) cheesy in its production, but a lovely message from the city of love!


It’s not the first time Marmite have revamped their jars – personal favourites include ‘Ma’amite’ to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee and their collaboration with our client – Marston’s – for the 2009 Ashes test series.

Ma'mite                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Marston's Marmite

For Valentine’s Day 2008 – Marmite introduced a jar with 0.3% of champagne added to the traditional recipe. This Valentine’s you can personalise the polarising spread with your loved ones name – and can chose from one of two romantically themed messages.*

Marmite 2016

A word of warning though for those with pet names – the brand has banned ‘bae’ and ‘babycakes’ from their jars… honey and treacle are still allowed.** Treacle might cause severe confusion on a jar pulled from the cupboard though… 

For those refusing to join in the heart-shaped festivities – you’ll be delighted to know you’re not alone. When offered the choice to vote between pairing Sergei (the servant meerkat of with Nicole Kidman, or his meerkat boss – Aleksandr- the British public ended Sergie’s hopes of romance with Nicole and chose his boss instead. (Poll results) 

The votes cast: Aleksandr 21,507… Nicole – 17,489

*Marketing Mag

**Huffington Post image sources

By Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

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