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Market research placement

As research was an integral component of my social policy degree, I gained an insight into both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies within a social context. Thus, after graduating I thought it was essential to apply my classroom knowledge into a working environment.

Initially, I was very anxious about entering an unfamiliar environment, however, after finally meeting everyone, I was reassured and felt a part of the Research by Design team. My fundamental plan before interning was to further my grasp on the social element of research. But after a couple days, I found many other aspects of research that interested me and it was evident that due to the broad nature of the market research industry that many components were inter-related.

After, learning the nuts and bolts of market research, I was soon tasked with assisting on existing projects as well as analysing previous projects. I was given the responsibility to peer review colleagues work, and I believe this was extremely valuable as it demonstrated the importance of attention to detail and the excellent quality research that Research by Design prides itself on. I believe that this ethos was reinforced through a quote one of the researchers told me, ‘if you don’t give clients accurate data, then you may as well give clients no data at all’, and I believe fully grasping this advice will support me a huge amount when entering my first graduate role in research.

I didn’t ever envisage that I would learn so much in such a short space of time. I covered a large range of tasks, stretching from transcribing interviews to learning how to create an online survey using SNAP. In addition, I also learned how to use excel effectively to analyse results from a questionnaire, which was significant to me personally as enhancing my knowledge of excel was an area that I did want to improve. The most important thing for me was observing the broad nature of market research and understanding the key stages that go into each project.

Overall, my time working at Research by Design I believe has allowed me to acquire all the practical traits that are needed to succeed in a career within research.

By, Nariah Francis 

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