harnessing the web 2016

Memberwise - Harnessing the Web 2016

Our team at Research by Design recently attended the Harnessing the Web event organised by Memberwise. As an active supporter, we are very proud to take part each year in the highly stimulating discussions, helping membership organisations to grow and build stronger relationships with their members.

This year’s event was focused on the need to deliver practical and timely online solutions to better support membership engagement, value and growth. Thanks to inspirational case studies, we had the chance to discover how some membership bodies have achieved great results through online focused solutions.

This was also a great opportunity for Heather Forrester, our Managing Director, to introduce our member engagement model:

member engagement components 

Research by Design’s member engagement model was developed over the year by reviewing literature written about consumer and staff engagement and our own research in this area.

The model has four key components that integrate behavioural, cognitive, emotional and social characteristics:

 engagment characteristics

Heather’s presentation fed into a wider discussion about online member engagement, its challenges and how Research by Design can help measure members’ engagement and segment their different profiles.

If you would like to find out more, please visit our member engagement section on our website or contact us directly. 

By Rapha Quere, Senior Research Executive


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