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Let's talk about something else... mud, sweat and tears

In a week where the EU Referendum seems to be pushing everything else to the side-lines (Euro’s pun intended), it may be interesting to address the marketing actions behind the other popular culture indulgences this weekend.

As fixtures for the last 16 of the Euro 2016 tournament were announced yesterday with the first games being played on Saturday, many campers also prepared for a long weekend of muddy isolation in the fields of Worthy Farm.

From a marketing perspective, it comes as little surprise that the main technique used by the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts comes in the form of social media. Environmentally more sustainable than print media, this aligns with the prevailing strategy of creating a ‘cleaner, greener, fairer festival... and world’ promoted through affiliations with community organisations such as Oxfam and Greenpeace.

Intending to stimulate youth culture, it makes sense that the festival’s updates are regularly posted to over 700,000 fans on Facebook and Twitter, and the appearance of the all-important ‘down with the kids’ Snapchat has also become a more recent feature to their platforms.  

Limited sponsorship opportunities and viral social media content has turned brand 'Glastonbury' into a self-sustaining entity, with an image many other enterprises envy.

In contrast to the limited sponsorship opportunities at Glastonbury comes the official sponsors (all ten of them) of the UEFA Euro’s. Interestingly, a spontaneous brand association study found that more than half of the brands people associate with the tournament are not official sponsors.* Nike was the most popular non-sponsor, but who can be blamed when they release a hugely budgeted and endorsed campaign like this.

A novelty campaign from an official sponsor came in the form of Carlsberg, who are continuing their ‘If Carlsberg did…’ line by offering free tickets to fans. A highlight from this being Chris Kamara dressed up as an older gentleman that rewarded Tube travellers for giving up their seat.

By Sam Jones, Trainee Research Assistant

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*Title Image Source: Glastonbury

*Title Image Source: Euro's


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