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Moving away from traditional research techniques

The idea of moving towards new research techniques is increasingly being discussed by market research professionals. As with any business, evolving practices becomes essential over time, and with audiences increasingly less likely to communicate with us, it seems the next logical step is to alter the way we obtain data from them.

But how can we do this?

social media

Online discussions have been centered around social media because as statistics repeatedly show, year on year, more and more people are using social media platforms on a regular basis. It’s proposed that taking a more ‘people centered approach’ and by incorporating social media tools into research techniques, this will promote more successful opportunities to reach audiences on different platforms.

An example of this is to make surveys optimized for smart phones and tablets in an attempt to increase levels of engagement. Once this is achieved, progress can then be made by using popular social media tools to make user experiences more enjoyable. The possibilities then become endless, ranging from ‘like buttons’ used by Twitter, ‘reaction buttons’ incorporated on Facebook and ‘swipe buttons’ inspired by Tinder.

emojisFurthermore, thoughts of including emojis seen to many now as the ‘internet language’, offer an alternative to traditional satisfaction responses. A more modern and consumer friendly tool that may help increase response rates.

In the future we may well expect to see some of these popular features incorporated into online research surveys. 

By Jamie Dorman, Student


Jamie recently joined us for two weeks as part of our Market Research Work Placement during which he contributed this great post! If you'd like to find out more about our work placement or any other roles, find more information here.


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