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MRS Midlands Event 'Delivering difficult communications'

On Tuesday night the MRS Midlands group hosted a fantastic event discussing ‘Difficult Christmas Messages: Research and Comms Development in a Crisis Situation’. Speakers on the night were from bpas (British Pregnancy Advisory Service), Research by Design (RbD) & Gough Bailey Wright.

The event took us on a journey with bpas as they pushed to advertise their service working with Gough Bailey Wright as their creative partner. In 2012 bpas & Gough Bailey Wright enlisted RbD’s help to understand how women source information when they find themselves with a ‘crisis pregnancy’.

One of the challenges faced by bpas around their advertising campaigns was the reluctance of media outlets to publish their adverts, for fear of offending their audiences. bpas’ Associate Director of Marketing – Donagh Stenson discussed how the research gave bpas the evidence they needed to illustrate that women weren’t offended by the adverts produced. In fact the feedback from the women who participated in the research was that they wanted the adverts to be even more candid, and more wide-spread even suggesting more places where the adverts could be published.

RbD’s MD Heather Forester spoke about the development of a programme of research, which was a first for bpas. A lot of time was spent designing the research & deciding on the methodologies to use. One of the obvious challenges due to the sensitivities of the topic was how to recruit the respondents for the focus groups and in depth interviews for the research.

Through the results of the research Gough Bailey Wright developed a range of adverts – some deliberately more edgy than others which were successfully accepted by media outlets including those who previously had declined them. Below is the result of a Christmas campaign bpas ran, created by Gough Bailey Wright. bpas’ adverts have won awards and gone on to challenge the way abortion is discussed and advertised in the media.

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bpas Xmas campaign

By Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

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