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"My time at RbD will, without a doubt, help me in the future."

Having a limited understanding of market research, but an eagerness to know more, I took the opportunity to complete a work placement at Research by Design. Firstly, to determine whether a career in market research is something I would enjoy, and secondly, to put to use some of the transferable skills I gained during university.

Initially apprehensive at entering a professional environment with no prior experience, the support from the Research by Design team and the knowledge and expertise they showed, gave me a clear understanding of what was expected and helped me settle in quickly. From the minute I stepped into the office, I was provided with projects that spanned the whole research process, from responding to a client brief, designing surveys, undertaking the research to finally, analysing the data. Whilst I was able to grasp an understanding of the basics through the structured training that was provided through working on a previous project, it was through my work on current projects that I was able to really understand how a market research agency works.

I was given the responsibility, under the help and supervision of the team, to design and implement a survey, used to understand the perceptions of the public on a new product. One of the main things I learned during this was the sheer amount of consideration put into writing and ordering the questions, in order to maximise both the quantity and quality of the responses.

One of the most positive aspects of completing a placement at Research by Design was the variety of projects that were being completed. Not only did this keep me motivated, but allowed me to develop my research skills on a number of different topics. It is based on this that I would recommend Research by Design as a good place to work. The breadth of topics and the number of different areas of market research also means that the placement would suit those with a very basic understanding of market research, like myself, as well as those who have a greater understanding, but want to gain some industry experience.

My time at Research by Design will, without a doubt, help me in the future. An understanding of how market research can inform business decisions and help organisations grow will be useful in roles within or outside of agency research!

By Jamie Cozens

Jamie recently joined us for two weeks as part of our Market Research Work Placement. If you'd like to find out more about our work placement or any other roles, find more information here.


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