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The People vs. Oj Simpson: spotlight on qualitative research

If, like most of the RbD office, you’ve recently re-discovered BBC2 and are now hooked on The People vs. OJ Simpson read on…

We’re loving our Tuesday morning round-up of the events from the previous episode so imagine our delight when qualitative research, in the form of a focus group, got a starring role in episode 4!

The focus group, conducted by a jury consultant, coordinated a group of people sharing their opinions on the prosecutor Marcia Clark, the results of which are for another time…  

The group, guided by the jury consultant, was presented with stimuli, in the case of The People vs. Oj – a video clip of the prosecutor, who is the topic of conversation. This same process is used by moderators in non-legal focus groups; images, videos or sound clips can be used to guide the group, prompting discussion on the topic in question.

The results of the focus group in the TV show are used later in the trial to influence action taken by the prosecutor, (I won’t say too much!) and illustrate how persuasive the results of qualitative research can be.

If you’re a researcher looking to develop your qualitative research experience further, or are a client and want some help delving deeper into your customer’s opinions – we would love to hear from you!  

Qualitative research is a brilliant tool for uncovering deeper insights about your current and target audiences, and can have a huge impact on your business.

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 Marcia Clarke Focus Group

Image courtesy of: Marcia Clarke

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