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The evolution of Smart Cities

It was recently announced that Amazon has partnered with the UK government to test their idea of autonomous drone delivery. This links to a recent project we conducted on behalf of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) around smart cities.

Autonomous delivery technologies seem to have become increasingly popular recently with the Domino’s Robotic Unit hoping to delivery fresh pizza to the door and the Starship Technologies robot aiming to deliver goods throughout London.

However, the idea of drones is not widely accepted despite it intending to make the routine delivery of everyday products easier. These autonomous delivery systems are a feature of Smart Cities.

Our research for the IET found that less than one in five (18%) members of the UK public had heard of the term Smart City. A Smart City is one that uses digital communications technology to monitor, manage and enhance key infrastructure and public services. *

To read the IET report on smart cities, click here.

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By Sam Jones, Trainee Research Assistant 

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