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  • Does smarter equal better?

    kitchen and bathrooms

    Smart technology and connected homes seem to be the new trend within the kitchen and bathroom industry. Manufacturers and retailers are finding new and innovative ways to create more personalised technology which has a focus on work, leisure, health and relaxation. In a world where technology is ever-changing and pioneering devices...

  • Testing bathrooms in the showroom

    Shower BOUGHT

    When asked about their potential purchasing habits, around three in ten consumers claim they would ‘sit on the toilet’ in a bathroom showroom (prior to purchase) to ensure the product is right for them! In the online poll conducted by Research by Design, 1,300 consumers were asked about their likely habits...

  • How will predicted demographic changes affect the bathroom industry?


    Demographics form part of many projects undertaken by Research by Design. At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking they were irrelevant to bathroom sales, but when you stop to consider some interesting facts you can see why our clients need to know more… Ageing population According to the Office for National...