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  • 4 reasons why social media is good for market research

    social media

    Living in a digital age has resulted in huge innovations within the market research world. With buzzwords like ‘engagement’, ‘big data’ and ‘content marketing’ it’s hard to escape the true power that social media holds.  There are a variety research methodologies researchers can adopt to gain useful insights for their clients...

  • Barriers to consumers installing underfloor heating in their home.


    If, unlike Birmingham, you are experiencing a summer holiday heatwave you might think the topic of underfloor heating is a little out of place. But evidence suggests that summer is actually the season when many of us make use of the warmer, drier weather to undertake home improvements.  One area of...

  • Easy ways to gather customer feedback

    customer feedback

    Putting the customer at the heart of everything, how do you gather feedback from the people who matter the most?  Through our recent work evaluating levels of satisfaction of those working within NHS buildings, we learned of the “Friends and Family Test” – a single-question survey asking patients whether they would...