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Video campaigns that REALLY know their audience

These campaigns all made me sit back and think WOW you guys have done your research. They're entertaining, emotive, inspiring and best of all totally hit the audience engagement piece. Bravo guys. 

Project sunroof. Google

We are all obsessed with data, understanding our customer’s journey better so that we can provide the most relevant solutions to their requirements in the quickest time. The power that Google has to tap into its billions of search requests, using the data to service its customers, has been demonstrated perfectly with its creation of ‘Project Sunroof.’

Acknowledging the number of search queries about installing solar panels, Google has created a new programme using information from Google Maps which gives data such as how much sunlight your roof gets and how many solar panels you will need to provide energy for your home.

Anyone who has adapted their website to suit Google’s continually changing algorithms will be well aware of their efforts to streamline the customer journey. This new project to service their customers, whilst improving the environment deserves an award . Watch below for a better explanation…

1. Project sunroof. Google

2. Unbelievable Bus Shelter. Pepsi

Recently nominated (deservedly) for an award in this year’s Campaign Big Awards is Pepsi’s ‘unbelievable bus shelter’ campaign. The best bit of this campaign is the response from the public to seek out the brand (on the opposite side of the bus shelter). Advertising at its very best.

3. British Heart Foundation. Amazing Dog.

This advert by the British Heart Foundation marks a new long term strategy by the charity who want to highlight the sudden and devastating impact the disease can have.

The genius of this advert is how it draws in popular YouTube culture of cute or entertaining pet videos, to deliver a very powerful message. I hope they do see an increase in donations as a deserved result of this incredible campaign.



4. Tiny Dancer. John Lewis

Home Insurance. Not the most exciting service to advertise. That is of course unless you’re John Lewis who still somehow manage to make their latest advert leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Who knew Elton John & a cute kid with geeky glasses could make you feel so emotional about your curtains. Once again utter brilliance from them.

5. Slow Down GPS. If Insurance

Another insurance advert- capturing your attention! Revolutionary! This clever product redesign by If Insurance, included the use of children’s voices through their GPS in areas near schools or day-care centres. The change from an adult to a child’s voice is to focus the driver’s concentration to drive more carefully. The app is free to download but currently only available in Sweden, Finland & Norway, let’s hope the rest of the car industry soon adopts this inspiring piece of technology. 

6. Molty Foam. The World's First Billbed

This advert doesn't really need an introduction, but it might just make you look at the world a little differently.
By Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

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