Barriers to consumers installing underfloor heating in their home.

If, unlike Birmingham, you are experiencing a summer holiday heatwave you might think the topic of underfloor heating is a little out of place. But evidence suggests that summer is actually the season when many of us make use of the warmer, drier weather to undertake home improvements. 

One area of home improvement sometimes considered is the decision to install underfloor heating, or in most cases, not. So Research by Design conducted an online poll to understand what the barriers are for consumers looking to install underfloor heating in their homes.

Potential expense and the adaptability of their current flooring were cited as the main barriers to installation.

In the online poll, around 2,000 consumers were asked about their likely habits when next overhauling their home’s heating system. Mimicking findings we have attained through other studies in this sector, the expense attached to purchase and installation is seen as the largest barrier: 50% identifying this, whilst around three in ten believe such a system would also be expensive to run.

Around one third would not wish to disrupt their existing flooring and a further 29% believe their existing flooring would not be suitable to house such a system.

With significant innovation in the category, including systems that are more easily integrated in to the modern home, manufacturers clearly need to work hard to get these messages across to consumers in the throes of heating decision making.

By Richard Mace, Associate Director

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