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How can market research help you cut through the noise and retain customers?

It is widely acknowledged that retaining customers can be far more cost effective than spending the time and money to acquire new customers.

There are many ways in which market research can provide you with better insight into your current customer base, helping you to understanding anything from perceptions of your brand to your customers buying habits.

Market research can also help you to cut through the digital noise your lovely loyal customers are getting from your competitors.

Knowing what your customers want to hear is one thing. Knowing how to speak to them is another.

Sometimes we ask survey respondents to state which platform they completed a survey on, whether that be; desktop, tablet or smartphone.

We do a lot of work with clients in the kitchens, bathrooms and industrial sectors, surveying installers and fitters online, often monitoring the devices they've used to respond on.

Perhaps unsurprisingly – smartphones are the most commonly used device to complete a survey, this could be explained by the ‘out and about’ nature of the installers day to day work. They might be waiting in a queue at a merchants to purchase stock, or sat in their vans during their lunch break where completion on a mobile device is straightforward.

What is interesting is that desktops are used just behind smartphones to complete surveys. This is significant as this is a trend we see more so from our clients within our B2B, professional services sectors who spend more time in an office environment, sitting at a desktop computer.

As the chart below highlights, it is worth doing your research, asking your customers how they like to complete surveys, using which devices, so you know moving forward you'll have the best chance of capturing their responses!

Platforms most used in survey responses

By Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

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