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"My two week work placement at Research by Design has been invaluable"

By being an Undergraduate Sociology student I wanted to gain further insight into the world of research, thus the opportunity to work at Research by Design seemed to be the right step to take in gaining a better insight into the world of market research.

Before starting the work placement, I was slightly apprehensive about my first day as I was worried I would feel out of my depth working with market research professionals when I was only an undergraduate student. However, after my first day in the office I knew I was going to enjoy my time here at Research by Design, everybody I worked alongside made me feel extremely welcome.

Research by Design gave me the opportunity to work on current projects, as well as analysing past ones, which allowed me to put into practice the market research skills that I had learnt during my time here. By looking at previous projects I was able to see how an established company communicates with its clients whilst also observing first-hand how they carry out research. This was particularly interesting and useful to me as I was able to be involved in the setting-up of focus groups, this was particularly helpful as the skills that I learnt from this I will able to use in the focus groups I carry out for my third year dissertation.

Alongside this I was given the opportunity to sit in on a telephone interview with a professional, something I never even expected to be able to do. One of my favourite tasks was being able to produce my own sample research project as it enabled me to see how many processes and stages go into a project, it gave me the opportunity to look at each stage in detail and highlighted the importance of having good and clear communication with the client.

Overall, my two- week work placement at Research by Design has been invaluable. Research by Design showed me a quick but detailed insight into how a market research company is run. It has given me the desire and passion to start a career in market research, and that is all down to the help and guidance I received from the Research by Design team.

By Lucy Hughes

Lucy recently joined us for two weeks as part of our Market Research Work Placement. If you'd like to find out more about our work placement or any other roles, find more information here.


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