Bridget swim

Bridget's big dip!

Our resident mermaid / marketing exec Bridget is about to start a 21 mile swim - the width of the channel, on Monday to fundraise for Birmingham Children's Hospital. She chose 21 miles to recognise the 21st anniversary of Research by Design. 

We sat down with her to understand more about her passion for the pool and where her gills came from... 

I swam competitively for a really good club until I was 15. I was by no means one of their best athletes, but trained with swimmers who went on to compete in the Commonwealth & Olympic Games which was an incredible experience.

From 15 I focused on playing football and dancing and quit swimming, but was injured competing for my University Cheerleading team and had to stop all impact sport!

A few (10) years later I re-found my love for swimming. I’m sure I was a mermaid in a previous life because I could just swim and swim forever! So on Monday September 28th I’ll be diving into a 21 mile swim across 7 days.

The logic was to swim 3 miles per day – that’s not quite worked out as I study one night a week, and the pool isn’t open on Friday evenings! So I will be splitting the distance covering a total of 1,400 lengths in one week.

The best place you’ve ever swam?

In the water off Hvar a little Croatian Island in the Adriatic. The water was the most beautiful, clear water I’ve ever seen. Or in the Whitsunday's in Australia where we saw a reef shark about a metre away! 

Worst place you’ve ever swam?

The Manchester ship canal. It was a part of a Men’s Health 10K assault course, and wasn’t so much of a swim, but a dip in and out of the water.

It was gross.

Best swimming achievement?

Competing nationally & coming 1st as a part of an all-girl relay team at 14.

Most memorable swimming moment?

I worked at an American summer camp for a couple of summers & had to ‘rescue’ a child out of the water about 40m from the shore. He’d come off an inflatable winded and was panicking in the water. I didn’t have a life jacket on and was pretty knackered when we got to shore!

I’m also still on the promotional video for the camp teaching swimming!

Good Luck Bridge! We know you can do it! 

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